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A valiant attempt to perform 30               ever-changing plays in just one hour.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the London Neo-Futurists have been reborn as Degenerate Fox. Remember Opal Fruits? And how much BETTER they are now that they’re called Starburst? This is pretty much the same thing - same truth, same bravery, same unbelievable fruitiness, but under a new banner, flying a new flag, banging a new drum. And boy, is that drum loud.

Degenerate Fox produce theatre that removes all artifice - we are here, we are us, you are you, the time is now. We will engage, titillate, confront, expose, encourage, confess, and above all...entertain.

‘The Dirty Thirty' is a collection of thirty original plays which Degenerate Fox will valiantly attempt to perform within one hour. These play could be anything - comedy scenelets, dramatic monologues, intricate dances, games, songs, experiences, and stuff there just isn’t a definitive name for. Degenerate Fox create new material to add to the Menu each week, creating an ever-changing smorgasbord of theatrical delights. And perhaps most exciting of all? YOU get to decide the order in which the plays are performed! Yes, YOU! UNLIMITED POWEEEEEERRRR!!!

Come and be a part of a show in which each performance is an unreproducible, living newspaper of the comic and tragic, the political and personal, the visceral and experimental. If you’ve seen the show once, you’ve seen the show once. Just that one time.

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The 1st and 3rd Friday & Saturday of every month at 9pm


Our next performances:

JUNE 15 & 16


JULY 20 & 21

AUGUST 3 & 4



JOIN US to celebrate pride 2018!

This July 6th & 7th we bring you our special PRIDE edition of the The Dirty Thirty.

Join us for a celebration of queerdom and rainbows in all their forms! As usual we’ll be trying to perform thirty original, ever-changing and always honest plays in just one hour...

...but this time, the plays will be full of ROYGBIVLGBTQIA+ !!




I am not some other girl. I am Desiree Burch. I have spent my life laughing like a bicycle horn. I am built like a small tree. My hair grows up toward the sun. People like to agree with me, because I am most often saying yes. I believe in yes.  

I hail from my mother's womb, which continues to reside in Southern California. I loved the sun but hated the need I felt to be someone else under it. I survived through a series of best friends and prime-time television shows until (and I guess maybe through) my sophomore year. Then I joined the caravan of drama geeks at my high school and finally felt I had a home.  

I decided that I wanted to see how my voice sounded surrounded by tall buildings instead of mountains, and moved to the east coast.

I studied at Yale and then ran away to join the circus of New York City. I loved it. I lived it. And then, after 13 years, I learned I had to leave it if I was going to have room for other things in my life. I met a boy and moved to London, where there is the right amount of green space between the big buildings to soothe my soul, and the right amount of big buildings full of people who want to make our own beautiful things too. 

So now you know: I am both funny ha-ha and funny peculiar. Which makes me inclined toward things like writing, acting, solo performance and stand-up comedy. Which is what I do, when I'm not hiding under a blanket, overwhelmed with onslaught of froahfrjakegvuaihegranrvnragruhieafheualwn. No, that is not a town in Wales. 

I want sobbing at my wedding and laughing at my funeral. A Dixieland-style procession through Central Park or Hyde Park is also acceptable.


How does one write a bio for Kate?

She's never even been to Kuwait.

She can be quite sly,

She really loves pi

And it's no coincidence her name rhymes with late.




Laura Killeen is a theatre-maker from London and graduated from the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre, NYC, where she was awarded the Anne Meachum Memorial Scholarship. Her solo performance in Homewrecka won Best Experimental Film at the Syracuse International Film Festival 2010, garnering such reviews as “she traumatized me”- Ed Harris. During her time in New York she spent a year interning and working at The Juilliard School Drama Division under Founding Artistic Director of Signature Theatre, Jim Houghton.

Laura Killeen has performed in award-winning theatre, film, art and radio. She has directed theatre at the RADA Festival, Bloomsbury Festival and at the White Bear Theatre. Her writing has been performed in London, New York City and Tel Aviv.

Laura Killeen has an MA in Text & Performance from RADA & Birkbeck, University of London.

She is a Degenerate Fox and a Carnival Girl.


If you are going to the bar, mine's a large rosé or a caipirinha. Thanks!



Sergio Maggiolo Bogino is a Peruvian actor, director and translator living in London. Sergio trained as an actor at the Atlantic Acting School in New York, and has worked for theatre companies like Plan 9 in Lima, Pipeline in New York and Front of House in London. He’s currently a member of Out of the Wings Collective and the Spanish Theatre Company as well as the Degenerate Fox Theatre. His latest work on stage includes Una Historia de Poliamor, Blood Wedding and The Bum-Guff King. 


Graham Self is. We are pretty sure of that. Although it is possible that Graham stops existing when you’re not looking at him. Please look at him.

Graham is a male identifying actor but he has never performed in a play by Harold Pinter. He has stabbed Julius Caesar, he has ranted angrily in drag in Charenton Asylum, he has appeared in a web-series that was described as ‘offensive’ by the Murdoch press, but he has never silently menaced someone across an ugly couch in that quintessentially Pinter-esque way.

Graham is a Scottish/Australian identifying writer. He has written award-winning sketches, award-nominated stand-up, esoteric film reviews, esoteric films, tweets for cash and short stories with non-linear structures and second-person narration, you read.

Graham’s other creative outlet with an adjective-mammal naming structure is improv troupe Amorphous Horse.


30 Things Jay Can Do With 60 Minutes:

1. Travel to most places in London from Catford

2. Take a nightly bath

3. Listen to Frank Sinatra’s Future album, twice

4. Read 29,040 words

5. Watch an episode of Better Call Saul, with toilet breaks

6. Kill time whilst waiting for an unpunctual friend, covertly reading every gossip magazine

7. Eat a frankly embarrassing number of wings

8. Space out on a bus and end up in the wrong borough

9. Dirty every saucepan in the kitchen

10. Dance the dance of their people to the point of exhaustion

11. Write one play

12. Alienate a roomful of people

13. Confess their wrongdoings to a gathered crowd in Trafalgar Square

14. Enjoy 2.6% of their oversized Spotify playlist

15. Make a friend for life

16. Contemplate their own mortality long and hard enough to weep

17. Repeatedly recalculate the exact number of minutes they have to sleep before getting up for work, whilst failing to sleep

18. Create ten new names for and a collection of peppy songs about a cat they’ve just met

19. Dismantle their own best arguments

20. Take an ill-advised nap

21. Window shop contentedly in a stationery shop

22. Complete the Crystal Palace Park Maze, screaming all the while

23. Forget your name

24. Drink a bottle of wine and accept the oncoming regrets

25. Escape a room

26. Get up, showered, dressed and out of the house

27. Charm your parents

28. Kick out, on average, eight anecdotes

29. Go without speaking (EXPERT LEVEL)

30. The Dirty Thirty